Free Printable Vintage Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show love and affection to your special ones. Make your little gifts, like sweet treats, flowers, and cards, extra special with free printable Valentine tags! Have some fun with these vintage Valentine’s Day tags and add a unique, decorative touch to your gifts this year.

Vintage illustrated Valentine's Day gift tags, and a simple one.

These free printable Happy Valentine’s Day gift tags are a great way to add a personal touch to your gifts without spending a lot of money. These tags are available in various designs, colors, and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect one for your gift.

A simple Valentine's Day Gift tag on a treat bag full of candy.

The best part, besides being free, is that they are easy to print and cut. So they are a quick and convenient option for last-minute gifts. With a little creativity, you can even customize these tags to make them more unique and special.

Gather Your Supplies

Before you can add these vintage-inspired “Happy Valentine’s” Day tags to your favorite fun little gift you will need to gather a few supplies.

  • Paper: For best results use White Cardstock Paper, but you could also use Sticker Paper
  • Paper Cutter: Scissors, Guillotine Cutter, or Paper Trimmer
  • Hole Punch
  • String or Ribbon
  • Candy (Conversation Hearts, Hershey’s Kisses, or a classic box of chocolates)

25 Free Printable Valentine’s Day Tags

I love vintage illustrations and thought these adorable classic pieces of art would make the perfect printable tags. In this PDF file, you will find 25 different designs, 24 single tags, and a full card of simple creamy “Happy Valentine’s Day” gift tags.

So, all you have to do is print these Valentine’s Day tags (card stock is best) and attach them to all your presents big and small. To download simply enter your email address below and hit “download”.

vintage illustrated happy

Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

Add these gift tags at no additional cost to you. However, feel free to share this post with friends and family so they can have these amazing timeless illustrations, too! The download will come with all 25 charming illustrated gift tags. pdf file

These free printables are a part of our exclusive subscriber library and are for personal use only. They are the exclusive property of Once Upon A Printable and may not be reproduced or used for commercial purposes without our written consent. Thank you for respecting our copyright.

Two vintage illustrated gift tags for Valentine's Day on bags of candy.

Download your favorite designs now and add a personal touch to your Valentine’s Day gifts. Here’s to making your celebrations extra special!

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Valentine's Day free printable gift tags, Pinterest Pin with three bags of candy and two vintage tags and one simple tag.

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